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You, and the Magic of Christmas


Join me as I talk about the magic of Christmas and how that magic has a tendency to fade as we age.

*NOTE: Apologies, I'm a little under the weather as you can hear in my voice. Hopefully it passes quickly, until then, I am reminded of this gem:

Thanks for your understanding.


Full transcription below for those that prefer to read in blog form instead of listen to audio:

I have been wanting to come on and talk about this for a while now but I have been unsuccessfully fighting off the cold I told myself I wasn't getting in the first place. Now I'm running out of time before Christmas so I figure before Christmas has come and gone there's no time like the present to send this message out.

I've had a number of conversations with people and have seen a number of posts on Facebook from people who are depressed this holiday season. I'm sure we've all heard it from different sources throughout our lives that it takes darkness to know light and bad days to know good days. I would venture to say that part of the reason we get so sad around the holidays as adults is because at some point and time in our lives we knew joy during this time and this season. As we age, the people that have made the season magical for us age with us, and sometime leave this planet before us. We also have children and, unfortunately and fortunately at the same time, those children grow up and become parents to children of their own. So just as it takes dark this to know light, it takes a season lacking Christmas magic to help us fully understand just how magical this season was at one point in time in our lives. Unfortunately, this realization might cause a bit of sadness.

Changing direction for a minute - If you have Verizon unlimited you undoubtedly have Disney+. If you haven't signed up for it yet I definitely recommend doing so and checking out the Imagineers Disney documentary.One of the things I have always loved about Disneyland is that it's always sparkling clean, despite the lines there are always great smells - it smells like popcorn and waffle cones, and the people watching is something else. And because Disney is so great at creating experiences that evoke emotions, I will inevitably shed tears during the World of Color, salutes to our military members and veterans, and at the end of the different parades.

When you look back at the Disney story, Walt Disney was the ultimate magic maker right? He was the visionary and the one that helped make everything Disney possible. However, Walt Disney died in 1966. Just over 10 years after Disneyland opened. Not only that, that's nearly 60 years ago now. Can you imagine what would have happened if the Imagineers had stopped imagining when Walt Disney passed away? If the other Disney dreamers stopped dreaming? Sure Walt Disney was the ultimate Disney magic maker and original dreamer, but when he left other stepped in and took his place. Someone had to keep all of these magical things magical while also making new magic. As someone who loves the magic that is Disney, I'm so glad they did and continue to do.

So let's bring it back to today and the Christmas season that we have before us. We knew the magic of Christmas at one point in time not because it was inherently magical, or because there is anything special about a particular day of the week in a random month halfway through winter. Christmas was special for us at one point in time, and magical for us, because somebody made that magic happen. As we age, the responsibility to become the Imagineers falls on us. It's becomes our turn to be the magic makers, or else there will be no magic. Yes things will feel different than before, and yes we will miss the things from our past that are not the same as they are today, but if we get so wrapped up in what we miss, and miss as in are sad about not having, we will miss the magic and possibility of today, and miss as in the experience will completely escape us.

If you are without someone special this holiday season, look ahead with me if you will. And I don't say this to depress you, but rather to hopefully inspire you. One day we will be that someone that someone is missing from the memories. Whether you are states away, or beyond the veil, someone's Christmas won't be the same without you. Sadly, it's inevitable. For me personally, I don't want my kids and family and friends sitting around depressed that I am not there. They will not dishonor me by moving forward with their lives. Quite the opposite! I want them to honor my memory by remembering the magic I made for them and use their time, talents, treasures and energy making this season, and every season, magic for others.

You see, Christmas, just like life, isn't inherently magical. It's up to each one of us to shine our light, show others love, and be the magic makers. And, because what you give is most often what you get in return, you'll quickly find that magic of Christmas will find its way back to you in the smiles of those you share your smile with and in the memories you didn't know were possible to make. So my challenge to today is to go find the Christmas spirit. Go seek out the magic of Christmas. And if you can't find it, be determined to make it! For someone else, and for yourself too.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

- C

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